Makeup by Dawn

Vegan Makeup

Pure safe and beneficial makeup by Arbonne, vegan and made to Swiss standards. Hair products from the same company also available.
£25 for Makeup
£40 for Hairup and Makeup


Arbonne Makeup

Pure, Safe, Beneficial with over 2,000 ingredients not allowed in Arbonne products. Cruelty PTA certified, gluten free and vegan friendly products.


Not only are these lipsticks luxurious and long lasting, but they hydrate and smooth the lips, leaving a luscious, satin look.

Eye Shadow

High pigmented, long lasting eye shadows. Infused with botanicals, create an eye catching finish, from matte to shimmer.

Mineral Powder Foundation

Silky, smooth, light, SPF 15 mineral powder. Providing a flawless, natural coverage.

Liquid Foundation

Satin smooth foundation, with medium to full coverage. Moisturises and gives your skin a firmer look. Minaimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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